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Full analysis of LED piranha lamp beads packaging

Publish:Shenzhen Teng Jie Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2022-12-05
The piranha LED is a package, square, transparent resin package, four pins, and a missing LED at the cathode. The piranha is an astigmatic LED with a luminous angle greater than 120 degrees, high luminous intensity, and can withstand greater power. Because of its display performance superiority, LED display screen packaging is introduced by some packaging enterprises.

The advantages of LED display packaging new technology: The piranha series display screen is a three in one continuously inserted lamp between the traditional in-line lamp and the traditional indoor surface mounted lamp. Compared with the screen made of traditional outdoor 246 and 346 in-line lamps, the piranha series 5353 features high brightness, excellent white balance consistency, large viewing angle, synchronous light failure of red, green and blue light cores, gold wire bonding, and low failure rate, which are the biggest highlights of the piranha series.

The outdoor protection level of the full-color display screen completed by the piranha 5353 can reach above IP65. From the front/side view, it eliminates the "screen spot" and other phenomena that 246, 346 and 546 lamp beads have not been solved. In terms of heat dissipation, it is better than the three in one lamp beads made of 3528, 5050 and other commonly used outdoor watches. According to the insiders, the market prospect of outdoor three in one continuous plug-in lamp is more impressive than that of traditional in-line lamp and watch sticker. Application: The piranha LED is getting more and more attention because it is more than φ 5mm LED shall have good heat dissipation, large viewing angle, small light attenuation and long service life. The piranha is very suitable for making light boxes of line lights, backlights and light sources in large font slots. Because the line light is generally used as the contour light of the high-rise buildings in the city, and the light box advertising screen of the backlight and the large font light are placed at a high place, if the LED light is not on or dim, its maintenance is very difficult.

Due to the good heat dissipation of piranha LED φ The 5mm ordinary LED has small light attenuation and long service life, so it can also be used for a long time, which can save considerable maintenance costs.
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