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Advantages and disadvantages of different welding methods for high-power LED lamp beads

Publish:Shenzhen Teng Jie Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2023-03-27
As LED high-power lamp beads are being selected by more and more businesses, the range of use of LED high-power lamp beads has become increasingly widespread, which makes the welding methods used by LED high-power manufacturers in the production and manufacturing of LED high-power lamp beads vary. Currently, the main welding methods are as follows:
1、 Reflow soldering (solder plate+solder paste+LED lamp beads)
Advantages: High welding efficiency, obvious advantages for batch operations, and good control over electrostatic protection.
Disadvantages: Large investment in equipment and related technical personnel in the early stage.
Leaded solder paste: composition: tin and lead (conventional ratio: 6337, melting point: 183 ℃, solder joint: grayish black -- preliminary determination can be made)
Lead-free solder paste: (The solder joint is grayish white -- it can be preliminarily determined): high-temperature tin-like silver copper (melting point 216-227 ℃), intermediate-temperature tin-like bismuth silver (melting point 172-190 ℃), low-temperature tin-like bismuth silver (melting point 138 ℃).
2、 Manual welding (welding plate+heat conductive paste+LED lamp beads)
Advantages: For skilled soldering irons, the welding time and welding effect are well controlled, which can effectively avoid false soldering and false soldering. The equipment investment is small and the operation is convenient.
Disadvantages: High requirements for soldering iron grounding, personnel electrostatic protection, and use of soldering iron, poor work efficiency, and relatively high labor costs.
Welding instructions: Manual soldering iron, the actual temperature adjustment of the soldering iron is less than 350 ℃, the welding time is controlled within 3s, and the soldering iron must be grounded (electrostatic protection)
3、 High temperature platform welding (welding plate+solder paste+LED lamp beads)
Advantages: It is more convenient to operate products with low requirements and less investment.
Disadvantages: There are limitations on the size of the welding lamp panel, uneven platform temperature, which makes it difficult to control the temperature, difficult to control the welding time, and poor electrostatic protection. Considering comprehensive factors, it is not recommended to use, which can cause significant damage to LED lamp beads.
The above is an introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of three common welding methods for LED high-power lamp beads. If you still know more welding methods, please leave a message on the website and let us know!
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