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What should I pay attention to when using LED piranha?

Publish:Shenzhen Teng Jie Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2023-03-24
Among low-power LEDs, LED piranha is the brightest, so many people blindly compare brightness when choosing LED piranha. However, insiders know that choosing LED piranha cannot only depend on brightness, but rather on parameter proportions, consistency, and chips. LED piranha has extremely strict requirements for its use and packaging process due to its particularity, so what issues should we pay attention to when using LED piranha?
When using the holder, it should be cleaned and the LED chip fixed in the holder bowl. After drying, solder the two electrodes of the LED chip, and then select the corresponding mold particles according to the number of chips and the light emitting angle. Fill the mold particles with glue, align the piranha bracket that is welded to the LED chip with the mold particles, and pour it into the mold particles. After drying the glue (in an oven), release the mold. It is then placed on a rib cutting die and tested and sorted.
The technical specifications of LED piranha lamp beads are the same as those of LEDs packaged in other ways. When packaging multiple chips on a piranha bracket, the related thermal resistance should be considered to minimize the thermal resistance to extend the service life. Since LED piranha has four legs, in order to install LED piranha lamp beads on a printed circuit board, four holes should be left in it. Because the two electrodes of the LED are connected to the four legs, the two legs are connected to one electrode.
During installation, confirm which two legs are the positive electrode and which two legs are the negative electrode, and then design the PCB. The shapes of piranha packaging molds are also varied, including φ 3mm round head and φ 5mm round head and concave flat head. According to the requirements of light angle, various packaging mold particles can be selected for LED piranha lamp beads application.
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