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What is the difference between LED high-power lamp beads and COB lamp beads?

Publish:Shenzhen Teng Jie Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2023-03-30
With the rapid development of the LED lamp industry, there are more and more types of LED lamp beads, including high-power LED lamp beads and COB lamp beads. Today, I would like to share the differences between these two types of lamp beads.
COB refers to the direct packaging of LED chips on the circuit board, and high-power LED lamp beads refer to the packaging of LED chips on the LED bracket, which generally can be soldered onto the PCB to make products.
LED high-power lamp bead light source is a point light source, and the use of a single lamp bead is insufficient to achieve lighting applications, requiring multiple lamp beads to be used in combination, so that the light emitted has glare. The longer you wait in this light, the easier it is for the human eye to fatigue, and even affect human vision; The operating current reaches the ampere level (or above a few hundred milliamperes), and the product temperature will be very high. It requires additional devices with good heat dissipation to work properly.
The COB integrated light source places multiple LED chips on a fixed substrate, and the light emitted is surface light without glare. The color index can also be higher than that of high-power LEDs, with a working current of only 10 milliamperes. The product temperature is relatively much lower, and the requirements for heat dissipation devices are not as high as those of high-power LED bulbs. As the process and quality of COB lamp beads become increasingly mature, COB LED lamp beads are more suitable for indoor lighting than high-power LED lamp beads, while high-power lamp beads are more suitable for outdoor lighting such as street lamps, tunnel lamps, wall washing lamps, and so on.
The above is the difference between the two types of lamps. After understanding, you can choose the LED lamp beads that are suitable for your actual use.
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