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What is the cause of LED cannibal fish death lamp? How to prevent?

Publish:Shenzhen Teng Jie Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2023-03-07
 The most likely reason for the LED piranha dead light is that the piranha pin shaping operation is improper. For example, piranha is mainly used for plug-in, but in some applications, users bend the pins and use them as SMD devices. Improper bending of the pins causes the internal gold wire of piranha to be broken.
Due to the large area of the piranha bracket, when the pin is bent and reshaped near the bottom of the colloid, because the distance between the stress point and the gold wire arc inside the LED is relatively close, the mechanical moment=force ³ Arm of force, we can see that when the moment is constant, the smaller the arm of force, the greater the force; Therefore, when there is too much force acting on the internal wire arc, it is easy to pull the gold wire from the welding spot, resulting in dead light. Especially in practical application and production, many pin bending actions mostly use simple fixtures to bend corners. Because the stress cannot be controlled and the bending force is not uniform each time, it is easy to cause some of the product line arcs to be broken when the stress is released.
If this is the case that led to the LED piranha death lamp, we can use regular and special clamps to bend the foot if necessary when applying piranha products, and bend it at the clamping point of the bracket as much as possible to reduce the adverse effect of stress release on the LED.
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