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What are the characteristics of LED chip lamp beads?

Publish:Shenzhen Teng Jie Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2023-03-16
As one of the most popular products of LED, LED chip lamp beads are widely used in lighting systems, decoration, electronic equipment indicators, backlight, displays and instruments. This is such a product. Do you know what features it has?
LED chip bead characteristics:
1. The principle of luminescence is cold luminescence, not by heating or discharging, so the service life of the element is about 50-100 times longer than that of the tungsten filament bulb, about 100000 hours;
2. Good shock resistance, high reliability and low system operation cost;
3. Electro-optical conversion efficiency is high, power consumption is small, and energy consumption is about 1/3~1/20 less than that of bulbs;
4. No warm-up time is required, and the lighting response speed is faster than that of ordinary electric lamps (about 3~400ns);
5. It is easy to be small, thin, lightweight, and has no shape limitations, making it easy to make into various applications.
In addition, what characteristics do you like to know about LED chip lamp beads? Welcome to leave a message and tell us!
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