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The strategy of LED lighting enterprises may depend on the county-level market

Publish:Shenzhen Teng Jie Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2022-12-12
 At present, the sales of LED lamps and lanterns cannot go up, and it is difficult to attract investment. This is not necessarily because it is difficult to find dealers to sell products, but because it is a long-term cycle of "find - lose - find - lose".

As far as the current competitive situation is concerned, it is really difficult to find suitable dealers in mature markets and expand sales. Not to mention the obscure small brands and new brands, it is a big problem for many brands that have operated for many years to find suitable agents. Therefore, enterprises are basically injured year by year in attracting investment. Therefore, the enterprise is not faced with finding one dealer to solve a certain market, but finding several dealers in a cycle may not be able to stand in a certain market.

How can we differentiate our dealers and which markets deserve our attention?

First of all, we should have a clear understanding of our goals and choose a suitable dealer. Many enterprises prefer big cities to develop new markets, as well as the biggest sellers in the market, or those who operate well-known brands. They think that big dealers are good dealers, as long as they can handle their own sales in this store. In fact, the strength of the dealer is only the foundation. The key is whether the dealer is willing to work hard and concentrate on making your brand. This is why the sales of the same brand in different markets and regions will vary greatly. So the mentality of looking for dealers should be: the right one is the first choice.

Which potential dealers are suitable and worth exploring? As a small enterprise or a new enterprise, it is suggested that dealers operating small brands should be found in the provincial market, and dealers operating large brands should be found in the local and county markets. Look for small brand merchants in the provincial market. Look for dealers whose brand positioning is equal to or lower than their own brand positioning. This is easy to arouse dealers‘ interest and attention. In some prefecture level markets, you can try to find some distributors of big brands. Because they can‘t get the exclusive agency of big brands, they also have the idea of running big brands. Such dealers have certain ambitions and ideas to develop the market. As long as they have appropriate products, they can easily develop the market in prefecture level cities.

The source of dealers at the prefecture and county levels is that, in addition to lighting and lighting dealers, building materials dealers other than lighting and lighting also deserve the attention of small enterprises and new enterprises. These building materials businesses have the demand for cross category business, such as floor, cabinet and wardrobe, ceramics and bathroom, and other dealers are potential customers. They can sell lighting products only because they are in the middle link of building materials procurement and have advantages such as customers and sales channels.

According to the author‘s observation: a large number of cross category dealer resources are concentrated in county-level cities. At present, building materials merchants in county-level cities generally operate comprehensive products. For example, dealers selling ceramic tile sanitary ware may also be selling lighting and LED and other light source products. At present, the development trend of the county economy is: rapid urbanization, the government and the people have accumulated a large amount of their own funds for investment and consumption. At present, it is a period of rapid release of real estate construction and consumer demand. It should be an important strategy for enterprises to sell to county cities.
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