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How to cool down LED high-power lamp beads?

Publish:Shenzhen Teng Jie Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2023-03-22
LED high-power lamp beads are also very common in our lives, such as the LED high-power lamp beads used in most of General Motors lamps. LED high-power lamp beads vary in price due to their different brightness. Therefore, when purchasing LED high-power lamp beads, you can confirm how bright you want to be. One of our common problems with high-power LED lamp beads is cooling. Next, I will introduce several methods for cooling high-power LED lamp beads, hoping to be helpful to everyone.
Currently, the main methods of heat dissipation for LED lamps include natural convection heat dissipation, heat pipe and loop heat pipe heat dissipation, and installing a fan for forced heat dissipation.
1. The separation of the power supply from the lamp body increases the heat source on the LED lamp due to the heat generated by the power supply itself. At the same time, the integrated design of power supply and lamp makes the overall heating of LED lamps uneven. These factors can lead to fatigue and early failure of the lamps, which affects their lifespan. Figure 1 shows the change curve of LED lamp temperature with working time.
2. Increasing the heat dissipation area is prone to voids at the interface between the aluminum substrate and the heat dissipation fin, while the thermal conductivity of air is very small, only about 0.03W/m · K. Therefore, it is possible to coat the contact surface with colloidal thermal conductive silicone grease with high thermal conductivity to increase the actual contact area. At the same time, the heat dissipation area of the heat dissipation fin is increased, and the structure of the heat dissipation fin is deformed to facilitate heat dissipation.
3. Selecting high-quality LED modules The selection of LED modules also plays a key role in reducing temperature rise. Selecting LED lamp beads packaged with materials with high and consistent thermal conductivity can improve internal thermal diffusivity. A metal substrate with high thermal conductivity and heat dissipation is used as the lamp core plate to ensure uniform temperature distribution of the heat sink, thereby maximizing the heat dissipation effect.
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