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Discussion on the packaging technology of LED piranha

Publish:Shenzhen Teng Jie Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2023-03-01
LED piranha lamp beads are named for their shape like piranha, and their shape is relatively special. If we want to ensure that LED piranha lamp beads are in good use, its packaging is very important. Today we will talk about the packaging technology of LED piranha.
The packaging of LED piranha has its particularity. First, the bracket of LED piranha should be selected. According to the number of LED chips to be placed in each piranha tube, the shape, size and depth of the bowl punched in the piranha bracket need to be determined.
When using the bracket, clean it and fix the LED chip in the bracket bowl. After drying, weld the two poles of the LED chip, and then select the corresponding mold particles according to the number of chips and the size of the light angle. Fill the mold particles with glue, align the piranha bracket welded with the LED chip with the mold particles and insert it into the mold particles. After the glue is dried (dried in an oven), demould it.
Then put it on the rib cutting die to cut it, and then test and sort it. The technical indicators of LED piranha are the same as those of LED packaged in other ways. When multiple chips are packaged on a piranha branch, the relevant thermal resistance should be considered, and the thermal resistance should be minimized to extend the service life.
Because the LED piranha has four legs, four holes should be left on it in order to install the LED piranha on the printed circuit board. Because the two electrodes of the LED are connected to the four legs, the two legs are connected to one electrode. During installation, confirm which two legs are positive and which two legs are negative, and then design the PCB.

The shape of LED piranha packaging mold is also varied, including φ 3mm round head and φ 5mm round head, also with concave flat head. According to the requirements of light angle, various packaging mold particles can be selected.

The above is about the sharing of LED piranha packaging technology, hoping to help you understand LED piranha faster.
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