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Publish:Shenzhen Teng Jie Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2023-02-27
LED patch lamp beads are made of FPC circuit boards, LED lamps and high-quality silicone sleeves. It has high waterproof performance, is safe and convenient to use low-voltage DC power supply, and has various colors. It can also resist UV aging, high temperature and yellowing when used outdoors. LED patch lamp beads can be seen everywhere in life, such as the building outline lights and advertising decorative lights we see. But do you know about the dispensing and dripping of LED patch lamp beads? Today, I will share with you the dispensing and dispensing of LED patch lamp beads.
LED chip lamp bead dispensing
The function of LED chip bead dispensing is surface mount adhesives (SMA), which is used for wave spray and return spray, and is mainly used to fix components on the printed board. One strand is distributed by dispensing glue or small brush of steel mesh to maintain the position of components on the brush lead circuit board (P (B) and ensure that components will not be lost during the transmission process on the assembly line. Paste the pieces and put them into the oven or reflow machine for heating and hardening. It is different from the shock camp. Once it is heated and hardened, it will not melt again. That is to say, the heat hardening process of the patch adhesive is not allowed. The application effect of SMT patch adhesive will vary according to the heat curing conditions, the connected objects, the equipment used and the operating environment. When using, choose the patch adhesive according to the production process.
The composition of the LED bead mounting adhesive Most surface mounting adhesives (SMA) used in PCB assembly are epoxy resins, although polypropylene is also used for special purposes. After the introduction of high-speed adhesive dropping system and the mastery of how to handle products with relatively short shelf life by the electronic industry, epoxy resin has become a more mainstream adhesive technology worldwide. Epoxy resin generally provides good adhesion to a wide range of circuit boards and has very good electrical properties. The main ingredients are:; Base material (i.e. main high-molecular material), filler, curing agent, other additives, etc.

LED chip lamp bead dripping
LED patch lamp bead glue dropping method SMA can use syringe glue dropping method, needle transfer method or template printing method to dry PCB. The use of needle transfer method is less than 10% of all applications. It uses needle array to immerse in the glue tray. Then the glue drops hanging in the county are transferred to the board as a whole. These systems require a low viscosity adhesive and have good resistance to moisture absorption. Because it is exposed to the inner ring of vegetables for conditioning, the key factors to control the rotation of the needle to multiple drops of glue are the diameter and program of the needle bucket, the temperature of the glue, the longitude of the temperature of the needle bucket and the length of the adjustment period of the glue (including the delay time before and during the contact of the needle bucket with the PCB). The temperature of the tank should be between 25 and 30 ℃, which controls the viscosity of the glue and the quantity and form of the glue spots.
The above is the introduction to the dispensing and dispensing of LED patch lamp beads. If you are interested, you can consult Shenzhen Tengjie Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. in detail. Tengjie Optoelectronics is a technology-based enterprise that focuses on the research, development, manufacturing and sales of LED light sources. It mainly deals in LED single-core piranha, multi-core piranha, LED patch lamp beads, LED plug-in lamp beads, LED high-power lamp beads, LED integrated high-power, COB light sources Led infrared tube, led sterilization lamp, led receiving and emitting lamp and other photoelectric products.
Adhering to the quality policy of "customer first, quality first, full participation and continuous improvement", the company, with its advanced management concept, high-quality product quality and after-sales service, sincerely cooperates with people from all walks of life at home and abroad to contribute to energy conservation and emission reduction in the world.
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