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Celebration: The 29th Guangzhou Guangya Exhibition of Tengjie Optoelectronics has come to a successful end!!!

Publish:Shenzhen Teng Jie Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2024-06-14
 The 29th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (Guangya Exhibition) was held grandly at the China Import and Export Commodity Trading Exhibition Hall from June 9th to 12th, 2024. The theme of this year‘s Guangya Exhibition is "Light+Era - Practice of Infinite Light". This Guangya Exhibition will continue to uphold its consistent professionalism and international level, witness a new chapter in the integration of the lighting source industry with the world, and lead and promote the progress of "Light+" era products on a global scale.

The SMT LED and ceramic LED series products have a choice of higher power and more full spectrum, bringing the LED beads into the era of "light+". At this exhibition, Tengjie Optoelectronics showcased over 80 products including the piranha LED series, direct insertion LED series, medical sensor series, SMT LED series, and ceramic LED series, showcasing Tengjie Optoelectronics‘ professionalism in product research and development, as well as its unified and standardized production process enterprise model.

Tengjie Optoelectronics combines the professionalism upheld by Guangya Exhibition. During the exhibition, professional R&D personnel are stationed to provide visitors with more professional product analysis, and to provide more intuitive, accurate, and efficient communication for understanding products. In addition, combined with the consistent internationalization level of Guangya Exhibition, a professional foreign language communication team is equipped to achieve direct communication between foreign friends and the R&D team.

We have high-quality services, a professional R&D team, and a unified and standardized production mode. Please give us a chance to cooperate and win together.

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